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Our goal:  Production of better and stronger parts for the Hudson Automobile. With years of racing the fabulous Hudson 308 engine, much was learned to increase the Flathead six performance. We offer many-updated Hudson engine and restoration parts.

Our history: Beginning in the early sixties Randy Maas first car was a 1954 Hudson Hornet. His father was a local Hudson mechanic in Central Illinois. After years of driving this Hudson he joined the Hudson Club in 1969.

Always having a keen interest in Hudson’s, Randy began rebuilding all years of Hudson engines and clutches in the 1970s. 

In 1985, Randy caught the racing bug after visiting local drag strip tracks. Then he began to build a 1941 Hudson car powered by a 308 Hudson engine to compete at the local drag strips. With years of testing, building, stroking and modifying, he learned what would and would not work in performance of a Hudson engines. Soon he was beating the small block and big block Chevy’s and then becoming a crowd favorite where ever he raced. With that unique flathead six sound he was able to power down the 1/8 mile track at 7.801 seconds at over 100 mph in a 3000lb Hudson

With 20 years in the Hudson racing field he brings, along with his son Russell, parts to rebuild your 308/262//232 Hudson engines. Whether it is for stock, mild performance or full race application.

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